Lane Transit District - LTD

10.3 million

annual rides


of riders are age 30 or younger


of LTD trips are for commuting


Scroll down to learn about Lane Transit District's Better Transit goals, service enhancements and impacts, and to hear local stories of how Better Transit would impact the people of this community.

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LTD serves a population that is expected to grow by 25% by 2035, and is a major transportation provider for University of Oregon and Lane Community College students and staff. Together with the diverse residents and employees of Lane County, LTD has identified the following goals to meet the current and future needs of the region.

Make Transit a Lifestyle Choice

LTD works for a lot of people now, but it wants to work for everyone in the future. To do that, LTD needs more service, longer hours and better connectivity.

support Economic Development

Provide reliable and affordable transportation that connects jobs to employees and promotes efficient urban growth.

Serve the Transit Dependent

Provide better access to health and employment services for those with disabilities, the elderly, students, and Lane County's lowest-income residents.

Promote a Healthy Enviroment

Provide a sustainable source of transportation to all and make walking and biking easier for all Lane County residents and employees.


With Better Transit, Lane Transit District could improve service and connectivity, especially for the major educational institutions of the region, by completing its Frequent Transit Network. 

Note: All proposed Better Transit Service enhancements are contingent on the availability of additional transit funding


  1. Completion of the Frequent Transit Network (FTN) – This network would allow more people to take transit at more convenient times to and from the most developed parts of the region
  2. Expansion of the EmX Bus Rapid Transit LTD and its partners are studying the expansion of its EmX BRT service along a number of routes. Some or all of which could be served with Better Transit.


  1. Increased frequency and service hours on many rural county routes - LTD could also make enhancements to many of their rural county routes, increasing frequency and service areas for many of the lowest served areas of the county.

OTA Performance Groups v2Artboard1
ACCESS TO JOBS 45% more jobs within 30 minutes of West Eugene.
Better Transit Impacts
FREQUENT TRANSIT 32% more residents and 10% more jobs served by frequent transit stop.
Better Transit Impacts
UNIVERSITY OF OREGON 18% more jobs and 21% more people within a 30 minute transit ride of the University of Oregon
Any increase in times the buses run would be greatly helpful to myself and the community.
— Eugene resident, Annual Route Review survey respondent

What we heard from LTD's Riders


People from all around the Eugene-Springfield region use transit, but many of them do so because they have no other option. For others, the bus takes too long, or it is too inconvenient to get them out of their cars and onto the bus. LTD wants to be a viable option for every person they serve, but they need to expand and enhance their transit system to do that.


LTD serves nearly 300,000 people, many of whom do not live close to downtown Eugene. However, LTD's current service often requires riders to connect at the downtown Eugene Station when making a trip. This makes commutes longer, and it discourages many people from using transit. The proposed Frequent Transit Network is designed to fix this problem, but LTD is unable to implement it with it's current level of funding.

"Students are having trouble getting home"

For students and workers that live outside of the urban centers of Eugene and Springfield, using transit to get to and from home can be extremely difficult. One rider said that University of Oregon and Lane Community College students often end up stuck in downtown Eugene for hours if their classes or work schedules don't match the buses'. 

"Residents in Veneta can't get to and from work with the limited [bus] schedule"

For residents of Veneta and other outlying towns, it is nearly impossible to rely on transit when commuting to work or school. One rider said they have friends who have had to give up jobs for lack of reliable bus transportation to and from where they live. If provided additional resources, LTD intends to expand and enhance their services to the surrounding towns in the region. 

Note: Stories and quotes sourced from LTD's Annual Route Review 2014-2016. Learn more here.