The Process

Better Transit Oregon conducted a study of ten public transit providers to evaluate the impact of increased funding on their transit systems, and more importantly, their riders.

What improvements can providers make with increased funding?

What is the system-wide impact of those improvements?

How will those improvements impact riders?

Better Transit Oregon is an initiative of the Oregon Transit Association (OTA) who's purpose is to assist its members in the development and improvement of efficient, safe and convenient transportation services, techniques and methods, facilities and equipment.

OTA furthers its mission by:

  • Providing assistance with professional development and management through educational programs, technical assistance and networking opportunities;
  • Initiating research, investigation and information development and distribution to improve public transportation;
  • Formulating & promoting legislation of common interest to providers statewide;
  • Promoting effective communication between governmental bodies, agencies and providers;
  • Cooperating with and contributing recommendations to the Oregon Congressional delegation and APTA; and
  • All other things necessary and proper for the benefit of transportation providers within the state